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Invest in your future 

sacko in real estate in Cyprus 

A safe investment for your future 

Multi Storey Building

Entrepreneurship in Cyprus

AC Real Estate specializes in entrepreneurship in Cyprus, with a variety of attractive investment routes for investors who strive for more. The support is provided by real estate experts accompanied by a local team that allows you to enjoy a professional service envelope without compromise.

The firm knows how to locate old properties in very attractive and central locations such as properties in the city of Limassol in Cyprus and other places, and performs improvements in order to significantly increase the price. If so, the investors will enjoy high returns of 8-10%, including personal guidance and full adjustment of the nature of the investment to their standards. 

Why should you invest in Cyprus?

Investments in real estate and in Cyprus in particular are considered the safest, after all, it is an industry that is constantly on the rise with the possibility of leveraging the money and enjoying a safe long-term investment and financial security. Cyprus is a hot destination for investments among foreign and Israeli investors and is considered the 'blue pearl' of the Middle East. Thanks to the favorable taxation policy, the growing economy, the number of tourists visiting it and the fact that Cyprus encourages foreign investment by providing benefits - make it an attractive destination for investment.

Attractive prices 


Tourism development 

high yield

Investors enjoy a high return of 8-10%. 

It is no secret that real estate prices in Cyprus are very low compared to Israel and Europe.

The economy in Cyprus is very stable, with almost no financial crises. 

An area that is growing in terms of tourism with a huge development of the field.

פנו אלינו

תודה שפניתם אלינו, נחזור אליכם בהקדם

Let's take care of your financial future with a stable, profitable and reliable investment! 

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